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Double Glazing Tyne And Wear Are Double Glazing Experts in Tyne and Wear

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Long term warranty, functionality, longevity and energy efficiency are some of the properties possessed by windows.

About Us

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To keep our customers safe and happy, we offer new and innovative materials, work and answers.

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At Double Glazing Tyne and Wear, our quality is renowned in the industry as being one of the highest.

About Double Glazing tyne And Wear

For decades, residents and business owners have come to rely on the Double Glazing Tyne and Wear brand for quality, secure and affordable windows and doors that enhance the beauty and functionality of their homes and commercial properties.



In the industry our rates one of the most affordable.


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A team of competent, experienced and friendly technical and support staff.



In getting excellent outcomes we use top notch hardware and smart methods.


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We understand that people see us through the types of services offered to them by our staff, and how they attend to their needs. Our clients and their satisfaction are our always our priority. That is why our team of highly competent and friendly professional staff across all departments operates by a strict work ethic that zeroes on customer focus and excellence service delivery.

Even in terms of the maintenance works done after the installation and all others prior to it; we have a direct relationship and interaction with our clients all through the process. To assure they meet with the best global gradings in the asset and processes we utilize, we create our own materials,. In order to improve the appearance and peacefulness of your home, we assure that the installation process goes neatly and effectively, no matter is it a domestic or industrial work in houses or workplaces.

Added to having the best certification and parading the best qualifications you can have in the industry, our team of experts also enhance their knowledge base from time to time on trainings and retraining so as to get them acquainted with the most innovative materials and the newest techniques to ensure excellent outcomes in their services. This is in line with pursuing the best customer satisfaction and keeping them secure, comfortable and happy with the overall result of our products and services. Obtain some outstanding prices from double glazing Tyne and Wear.

In ensuring a fast setup without a compromise in quality we possess highly skilled employees with a vast experience base in setting up products for clients irrespective of the dimensions required. Our installation project teams will constantly communicate with you to perfectly understand your specific needs. The team will advice you on the processes, materials, and hardware that will work well in your premises.

With the safety, longevity, highest level standard and pace of the setup process were some of the comments we made of our services and commodities we put in state of the art machineries, super capable hands the best hardware available all this is done to put smiles on the faces of our clients. In any case, at Double Glazing Tyne and Wear, we are not about trumpeting our skill and experience. Whatever the size of the project, our excellent service and product delivery testifies for itself.

To make everything easy for you, one of our inspector will go to your home and perform an assessment of the work to be carried out. Our experts will work with you to understand what you are looking for and they will also advice you on what will work best in your premises to deliver lasting, warm, and secure solutions. Until we've finished installing your new windows we won't request payment, so you are guaranteed quality as we only get paid when you are satisfied.